BACnet is the world wide communication standard EN ISO 16484-5, a non-proprietary, licence free and  system-spanning standardisation and the market has witnessed its great potential. Open systems can be realised with BACnet. Open building systems offer a variety of technical and eco nomic advantages. They allow the easy integration of different systems – such as security, access control, wireless applications and energy management – to efficient overall systems. Due to their interoperability, these systems’ easy expandability applies to all manufacturers as well as all integrated solutions. The result is powerful, non-proprietary, overall systems, which are elementary for modern building automation. 

This BACnet training introduces the global communication standard for building  automation and it gives an overview of the dynamic development of open  standards. It will show where BACnet is located within the ISO/OSI reference model, and which data transfer methods are provided. Moreover, how BACnet objects are referenced in the standard object types will be both introduced as well as explained